Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hello Crafty World

Hi, I am new to blogging so this is my official first crafty blog. I have another more personal, sometimes crafty blog over at livejournal. I guess these two blogs won't be that dissimilar. Oh well! So I wanted to start off by listing a few of my favorite crafty websites. You might already have these in your favorites, but for someone new...they might really be useful: (great tutorial listings) (great place to buy a dress form) (amazing place to sell your items) (great ideas) (cool ideas, tutorials, cool people) (great patterns) (TUTORIALS GALORE)! (good ideas, some tutorials)

More to come.....

So last night I finally finished the multi colored hand knit scarf that I have been working on. I will have to post that later. Unfortunately I haven't taken any pics of it yet.

that is all for now.

leave comments if you like. If you have any great sites I haven't listed, please let me know and we can keep the list running. :)

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