Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Its been a minute!

Training, Home Shopping, Twisted Ankle
the list could go on....
But something brought me back to my blog.......
I hadn't realized how long it has been since I last blogged. So much has been going on that I haven't even had time to pretty much think straight. For one I am in the peak of my track season so everything that isn't track related pretty much comes secondary even eating! LOL. I twisted my ankle long jumping this past weekend so I have been pretty bummed....icing and doing all the necessary things to help it heal a bit faster. I do promise to get back on track with sewing and crafting. I forgot to mention that while I was away in GA visitingg family, I scored big time on a huge lot of crafty this and that from my uncle. He is basically like Fred Sanford so he was harboring all these craft supplies so I decided to take them off his hands for some use. Literally I have over 2000 vintage buttons and over 50 zippers and a crap load of everything else...even a pair of electronic Dritz scissors which I am so in love with. Life couldn't be better.

Oh and Ray and I are looking into buying our first home (the pic is of one of the homes that we really liked) so we have been busy with that as well. Enough excuses though...I will be back in full effect soon enough you just wait and see :)

(I don't have any pics to post but more will come real soon). What good are rechargeable batteries if you don't charge them for your digital camera....hahahahahaha

Stay Crafty!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Knick Knacks and this and that

Knick Knack Patty Wack.....

I haven't posted in a while. I have been out of town visiting my family, thrifting through treasures, and sewing up a storm. I even managed to stitch my finger tip with my sewing machine (don't ask) lol. I guess you can say I get a lot of my love for nick knacks from my Mom. While I was visiting "home" me and my Mom got to do some vintage thrifting and antiquing. Here I am below trying on some antique glasses. They were so kooky... they didn't even have a nose bridge, but i guess back then they must have worked just fine!

(Me with the antique Glasses on)

(Here is the lot of the antique lens that were being sold for about $200...if only I had $200 bucks.... ohhhhhh I am salivating just thinking about the crafty things I could have done with those lenses. Oh well, it wasn't meant to be).

I have been super busy creating a stash of super cute baby gifts for my new nephew "turtle." The main project I have been working on has been this quilt....

I think it turned out really nice. It was my first time actually using multiple intricate fabric patterns and also different fabric materials. The yellow turtle fabric is a soft fleece and the printed turtle fabric and the solid colors surrounding it are all cotton. It was a fun challenge. I actually finished the entire project from start to finish in about 7 hours. I think I did Pretty good I might add. Boy let me tell you it was so unbelievably hard to find fabric with a turtle print on it. I was terrified that the contrasting fabrics and colors wouldn't go well together but all in all I am pretty pleased with the end result and my Mom and Brother were head over heals for the quilt....looks like I might be making more quilts in the near future.

I even inspired my mom to get a little crafty and make a couple of things for little "turtle."

(She created this onesie for our family photo for him to still swallowed his entire body. He is such a little pea.... 6 weeks at 6 lbs)

(My little angle fast asleep. Thank goodness! He kept me up all night) LOL!