Monday, January 11, 2010


Life always has a way of taking funny turns this way and that. Lately it seems like that good old money tree has not been in our favor as a family. We had the recent vet bills with Gizzy on New Years eve, now it seems like that may have just kicked in the new Year for us! Mr. Papitags car is about to shit the bed. We have no one to turn to and no one that is close that can help us out with a new car! ERRRR! What next? There is just no way that we can get by with just one car with me working locally and Mr. Papitag working out of town unless I started to use the bus. The bus wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't 6 months pregnant! I don't know what we are going to do! We also have a crap load of housing construction that needs to be completed before the baby gets here which also requires money....and then there is of course the daily or monthly expenses of just "living." Speaking of just could I forget to mention that Friday I locked my keys in my car and had to shell out $70 bucks to update me and Mr. Papitags AAA membership. RRRRRRRRRRR! I have a goal for 2010 to stay positive so I am going to try to do just that even in the face of all of these financial woes..... =(
I hate for this post to be a downer but I thought I would share what has been happening in my world. I haven't had time to post anything on etsy or even break out much of my craft supplies. I am in need of some therapeutic recreation though so I think I will crack out the whip and get to crafting again...even if it is just for our new addition to come.

(above me at an antique shop in Georgia)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Census Categories

Have you seen or heard about the 2010 census categories? No, well if not you should be totally T'd off about them, especially if you are a person of color. Can you believe "they" who in the heck knows who "they" really are have the nerve to ask whether you are: black, African American or Negro. Come on now..."Negro." Are we seriously living in the 1920's! Who's stupid idea was it to add this category. I am truly disappointed in the US Government for allowing this! RRRRRRRRRRR~! I had to vent this one out!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Somehow I failed to mention that we spent a huge chunk of our New Years Eve in the Pet ER! Gizzy was having something like a coughing attack almost like something was lodged in his throat. After a few minutes pacing hoping that what ever it was would go away or he would cough up what was lodged in his throat if didn't stop so to the Vet ER we were headed.

Gizzy at the Vet Er on New Years Eve

Gizzy and Mr. Papitag (above) falling asleep in the exam room

(Me looking like a goonie and super busted after crying hoping that my baby was ok).

So after about 3 hours at the emergency vet, Gizzy was given a clean bill of health. $300 bucks later the vet that was on call told us that the little guy probably had an allergic reaction to something or either he is developing asthma....what the hell....dogs can get asthma! Ok, so I was definitely educated and told not to use any harsh chemicals in the house (which we don't besides disinfectant) and no burning of candles or anything aeromatic. I swear this little guy is going to be the ruins of me (lol). I am just thrilled to pieces that we decided to get the VPI pet insurance now I can only cross my fingers that they will reimburse us some of what we paid. In the long run I would do it all again as long as my little guy is OK.....We love you Gizzy!
On another note I am sure you have heard the saying that it takes a village to raise a child. Well, that saying is so true...I have been completely astonished how many people are lending us a hand with clothing, furniture, etc for our baby on the way. We aren't they type of materialistic people who care about whether something is a hand me down as long as it is in good shape and condition and is safe!!! Yah...this means less money out of our pockets and less things that will go to waste by others.

(Cute knitted slipers the neighbor made for me for the hospital)
(A cute little electric cooker that my Mommy sent to us)

(The wonderful changing table and dresser that my Mom sent to us (above in the box)

(new and hand me down clothes from my Mom and Brother...thank you Turtle)
There will be more boxes and stuff to come...yeah! Well, it is time to go and eat dinner. I am working on a few craft projects that I will have to post soon.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy start to the New Year

So, I decided to get to my goal list for 2010 and started things off right by deep cleaning our freezer and fridge. I am happy that it is all spiffy clean and organized now and I can find things that I need. We typically have a tendency of just putting stuff in there without any rhyme or rhythm, but now things are organized and I plan to keep it that way! The next on the list will be to tackle the pantry, which is going to be a challenge. I hate throwing away good food so this year I promised myself that we would try to eat what we have on hand instead of buying buying buying unnecessary items or items just because they are on sale.

(Above: our clean fridge)
For Lunch today Mr. Papitag and I got to use one of our Christmas pressies (gift card to Cheesecake Factory). Lunch was so scrumptious and there were even left overs that we both took home (along with a slice of cheesecake each) for dinner later. Wow, the portion sizes even for lunch were enormous! As a matter of fact I think it is time for me to go and eat some more of my snickers cheesecake right now. Other than that today was a low key day...I did a bit of laundry and we finally took down the Christmas tree. We had plans to go to the dollar cinema (trying to save money) to see paranormal activity since most of the block busters here went out of business and it is apparently hard to rent the movie at the "redboxes," but the plans fell though and I took a nap instead. Maybe tomorrow I might be a little bit more productive and get a few more things accomplished. Until then...enjoy your night...I am going to get my cheesecake! Nummm Yummy!
Nite Nite!