Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009!!!

Well, it is time to say goodbye to 2009 and all the joys and tears it has brought. Goodbye Christmas tree which to me symbolizes the end of the year.....

(Family Tree with all the pressies)
I had a great usual Mr. Papitag, Gizzy and I went to visit my Mom and Brother down south! Too bad we didn't have a bundle of that warm southern weather this was actually pretty chilly but it surely beat New England weather that is for sure. Gizzy did great on the plane ride to and from thanks in part to the most wonderful stewardesses we could ask for that let us cater to his cries and nervousness by letting us hold him the majority of the flight. As always there was a bit of drama around the holidays.... but who doesn't have drama with family? It was a blessing to get to spend my nephews (turtle) first Christmas with him:

(Turtle...our little Christmas Elf)
Gizzy enjoyed spending time with the family too....he especially loved hanging out with his cousin Turtle:

(Gizzy couldn't stop himself from trying to steal Turtles bottle, as you can see Turtle wasn't too thrilled...but Gizzy sure was happy)

(Gizzy knocked out from all the excitement)
(Gizzy enjoying warmer weather and also a fenced in yard)
(The two peas in a pod: Gizzy and Turtle playing with one another)
We had family card night, IHOP breakfast, drinks galore (not me of course) oh and not to forget one of the most unusaual items....I got to eat fried pickles....boy what a trip!

(Mmm...fried pickles)
(Mommy and Turtle eating Christmas Eve cookies)

(The family on our last day down south....back to new England we go)
(IHOP breakfast: the three amigos)
(Me opening my pressies...)
(Daddy (My brother) and Turtle)
(The family at Card night)
Goals for 2010 (no particular order):

- Birth of our first child
- Save more money
-Buy less unnecessary items
-loose the baby weight after her arrival
- visit family and friends more
- live more green and Eco friendly
- cook more at home...
- find a career I absolutely love
on and on.... the list continues...

well, I hope you have a wonderful start to 2010....HAPPY NEW YEAR!

(Me.... ready for a new year...Happy 2010)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Snow Day

We woke up to about 10" of snow this morning. It was so beautiful....we just couldn't help ourselves and had to go play in it. Needless to say Gizzy didn't last that long even bundled up with two sweaters and his winter coat. I kind-of....key word is kind-of felt bad for Mr. Paitag who had to shovel our driveway and walkway this morning...he seemed to like it though. He actually ended up making a few bucks here and there helping our elderly neighbors even though he wasn't looking for any monetary gain out of it...just being a good neighbor...but they kept insisting (lol). Well I hope it is warm where ever you are and if you happen to be in this fluffy white stuff you are nice and bundled warm!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Saturday

What are you up to today? Me, just chillin. Got up this morning and cooked a huge breakfast and have been chillin most of the day. I have finally finished cutting out a couple of patterns and fabric to put together Gizzy a new winter wardrobe....I can't wait to see how it will turn out. The little guy seems to be busting out of the seams of all of his winter clothing from last year. I will have to post the pictures tomorrow of the patterns that I am making. Well, there really isn't much to post today...just a relaxing Saturday at home with my family. Hope you are enjoying your loved ones today!
Stay Crafty!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

First New England Snow Day

Tonight we got our first glimpse of the snow to come in the near future. It is so pretty and yet so cold outside. I can completely forget about walking Gizzy outside in this weather....out comes the puppy pads, now I wish I had stocked up on them when they were on sale for $10 bucks! Speaking of Sales, last night I scored a cute purple bubble jacket (which can be seen in the pic above) at Walmart for only $7 bucks! How exciting...a coat for $7 bucks, granted its not the most fashionable coat but I'm not trying to win any fashion does it job in keeping me warm. I made sure to get the coat 2 sizes bigger than I normally am so as I continue to grow during my pregnancy I won't have to worry about finding a winter coat to fit! I also managed to score 2 $10 dollar 100% wool sweaters at Old Navy! Yes, it seems like the sales keep rolling. Old Navy has been holding it down with the sales. I hit Old Navy up on black Friday and got a whole bunch of fleecy sweaters and sweats and long sleeve shirts! An entire bag of clothing for only $25 bucks, can't beat that with a stick. Before I move on I wanted to also mention that there was 30% off already reduced items at Old Navy so I couldn't resist buying a couple more large shirts (my maternity wear)! A great bargain buts a smile on my face! =)
well, we are going to chill, watch some football, I might even brush the lint off my sewing machine and get started on a couple of things here and there....ummm....well, a nap sounds a bit better.
until I am back in the swing of things....stay crafty!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Its a Girl!

We are very proud to announce that we are having a Baby Girl! I am so excited. Gizzy will have a little sister and I will get to have the little girl that I have been dreaming about. I can't wait to lay my eyes on her. Finally the house will be even...two boys and two girls!

Nite Nite!

Happy Happ

Well Hello everyone!

Today we have reached 19 weeks~! I am starting to feel the weight gain in my back lately. Last night was horrible...I was literally in tears from all the pain that was shooting up and down my back. The midwife said the pain was most likely from the baby resting on my sciatic nerve. After about a good 2 hours and shifting my weight from left to right the pain subsided and I was finally able to get some rest.

Just the thought of walking around is making my back ache. I couldn't even last 1 hour walking around the mall before my lower back started to ache. As you can see from the pic above I am starting to get the "sway back" posture from all of the baby weight gain. I hope it all disappears once the baby is born! I am going to get some rest and continue with my insane cravings which i will have to comment on later. hehehehe!
hugs and kisses!!!