Friday, January 30, 2009



Whats been up lately. I have been so busy with Track and training that I have had little time for myself and very little time to blog. I have a meet in the morning so I have a bit of down time right now. So...who has been watching the new season of the "Real World" on MTV? I absolutely this season and I am not a big reality TV person at all let alone a big TV person. I think this is the first time that the cast actually seems "real".....and who doesn't love the transgendered gal! GO Caitlin!!!
Anyhow things have been good over this way....I am in the works of finalizing all the details for my new Etsy shop. Thank you so much to Julie at she created me an awesome banner for my new shop! I am having some trouble with my digital camera so I don't have any pics to post. I hopefully will have some pics to post really soon.

Stay Crafty!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

SO excited!

I am excited to announce that I have opened up my new Etsy Shop! I am not going to reveal it just yet, but I will definitely be revealing it soon! Yeah!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

TOo many important things!

Photos, working, the Inaguration....all happy things!!!
I love this picture...the shingles look surreal shinning in the sunlight!

have been gone for some time. I have been focusing on work lately. I have made the decision to close my shop for good. Don't worry though because I will be back in a month or so when I have more time to dedicate to my crafts.
I have been taking a lot of pics lately:

This picture is amazing! Simplistic but artsy if I must say myself

I am learning how to use the different functions on my camera...I love the black and white

Gizzy got a new Snowman toy...he loves to wrestle it! LOL

What a great time it has been! GO President Barack Obama! Yeah it is finally official.

Have a great day!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Life is fun and interesting!!!


Last night was so exciting. Ray and I went to an early preview of " My bloody Valentine 3D." We still had to pay the normal price and don't you know when I say normal that the normal price for a 3D movie for two people is $27 bucks. Can you believe it!!! Although the movie was decent, we both agreed that it was no wear near worth the amount of money we paid for it. It was fun and exciting to see my first 3D movie...the glasses gave me an absolute headache and my eyes were coo-coo once the movie was finished!

One of my new Years resolutions was to save money and I have been doing just that lately. It is weird cutting out coupons and scrapping through the Sunday paper for great sales, but I keep telling myself that it is all worth it.

Here is a list of my favorite coupon sites:

Who doesn't like saving money!!!

Anyhow...That is how things have been going for me. Oh I almost forgot to mention that we are going to look at a few apartment this weekend. I can just see the light at the end of the tunnel....yeah!


Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Madness Etsy Features

" I love Butterflies"

Etsy featured Butterfly Sellers

The first shop I would like to introduce you to is Rochelle31

Please follow the link to her site: The picture to the right is a one of a kind by Rochelle31 ------>

Check out one of my favorite butterfly items from her shop: The blue butterfly card which is a one of a kind original drawing in pen, ink and watercolor. She is a wonderful artist with great cards and prints.

I would like to introduce you to Sunny Rising Leather

If you haven't heard of this artist you are truly missing out. Sunnyrisingleather was featured on etsy and you can see a video of the artist and some of her art work by going to

She has a wonderful variety of butterfly items. My favorite item from her shop is It is a wonderful necklace with a leather butterfly pendant pictured to the right

I would like to introduce you to BabyWhiteElephant

BabyWhiteElephant is an innovative preserved nature designer that has inspired other shops for Years... BabyWhiteElephant is the first, longest and most successful Preserved nature designer on the web. If you love nature you will be sure to love this shop.

My favorite butterfly item is pictured to the right.

I would like to introduce you to CopperSpringsLeather

CopperSpringsLeather offers leather items that are hand carved, tooled, stitched, and dyed/painted. This shop has a variety of items from wallets, money clips, cuffs, bracelets, to check book covers. You will be sure to find something in this shop to tickle your fancy...and to boot...this artist has a great variety of butterfly items!!!

My favorite butterfly item is pictured to the right

I would like to introduce you to

JPATPURSES has been a featured seller on At JPATPURSES you will find wristlets, purses, pouches, ipod carriers and more. This seller has an unique eye for detail and designs. Be sure to check out all the designs and creations this seller has to offer

My favorite butterfly item is pictured to the right

I would like to encourage all of you readers to please check out all of the shops featured above. They are all unique designers that have an array of handmade items & designs. Please note that all pictures are the property of the shop owners and please do not use these pictures without prior approval from the shop owner.
Stay Crafty and Stay tuned for Next Monday where I will be featuring new Etsy Sellers for the "All About Green" theme.

New Monday Madness

Hello Crafters!

As you may or may not know I have a shop at where I sell my handmade goods. Etsy is the place where you can buy and sell all things handmade.

I have decided to spread the etsy love and will be announcing every Monday "Monday Madness," where I will be hosting a theme and featuring etsy sellers.

To get this party started, the first theme; which will be posted tonight will be titled " I love butterflies." I am head over heels for butterflies and everything linked to a matter of fact, I have two butterfly tattoos.

Please make sure to check back later to see the featured sellers and items. If you are an "Etsy Seller" and would like your item displayed on my blog please leave a comment below with your etsy shop attached and I will do my best to fit your item into one of my themes...

Stay Crafty!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Bit Here A Bit There

Track Meet
- Ok, I had my first track meet of the season. It went really well for the first meet. I only went from my 16 step approach (which is a reduced approach) but I managed to start the season off decent. Ray ended up popping something in his knee, so it looks like we will be headed to the doctors office sucks because it hurts bad but we can't go to the emergency room because his health insurance doesn't kick in until next week. Luckily he is strong or crazy like that. Replay of what happened: he ran down the run way popped on the Long jump board and at the same time heard/felt something pop in his knee...he then landed in the sand like someone shot him....that jump ended is rounds of jumps and possibly the rest of his indoor season! I feel so bad for him :(
I was so exhausted the entire meet; I didn't eat properly which was bad-bad-bad! We left the house this morning at 5:30am and didn't get home until 8:30 pm. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! I am not sure we will be going to this particular meet was way to far and not to mention we got more freaking snow!

Another snowy ride home

Anyhow I forgot my camera!!! BUmmer...but there will be many more meets to take pics at

Have a good night...I need to rest I am so sore and tight...Good thing I have Yoga in the morning!

Gizzy was happy when we finally got home and I was too happy to see him@!


Friday, January 9, 2009


Tomorrow will be my first track meet of the season. I am super nervous because I haven't been in competition mode since the OLYMPIC TRIALS...I guess I really shouldn't be nervous but I am!!! I always seem to get this anxiety feeling like my stomach is in my throat up until the point that I am running down the runway. AHHHHHHHHHHH....well wish me luck...I will post some pics of the Meet and how I do tomorrow!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Working out & Eating

Yeah I like horror movies, Starbucks and dressing like a boy...SO WHAT!!!

Hello All Ye People!!! Sometimes I get these urges to be silly and weird! Yup that's me above...scary how much I look like a boy....

My day was pretty great today! The highlight of my day today was working out this evening. I love it when track practices consists of jumping...! And who doesn't love eating...dinner was great...I must say that I am obsessed with food...luckily I have pretty good eating habits or else it could be a disaster. Ray cooked Salmon for was yummy and light enough so I didn't feel super stuffy full after working out.

I am super excited because tomorrow Ray and I are going to see the "Unborn" he doesn't know it though...but we are definitely going. I am in love with horror like suspense movies...and this seems like it should be pretty good even though it is only rated PG-13!

In theaters tomorrow...

Me and Gizzy at one of my favorite pick me upper joints....If you haven't tried the Carmel APple Spice hot drink they have...TRY IT...if you like apple juice you will love it.

Here are some of my agate necklaces that I will be reposting for my etsy website (

Stay warm and Crafty

Sunday, January 4, 2009

What a lovely day

No Really... I don't wear this much make-up...hardly wear make-up at all...I was just experimenting.

Today has been a great day. Last night I stayed up late watching old school movies on the computer ( you can instantly watch a variety of movies. I chose to watch some cheesy horror flicks. It was fun but my eyes started to burn at 3:00am and since my family ditched me around midnight it was time for bed. I definitely slept in this morning and didn't roll out of bed until about 11:00am it was great! We did our usual ritualistic things we do on Sunday...clean, get a Sunday paper, get some dunkin coffee, & cook a large breakfast (wheat pancakes was the choice today).

We took the baby (Gizzy) to Petco to let him run around a bit. He loves it there...and it is a little treat for him since he has been cooped in the house due to the weather. Yorkies aren't the best winter least Gizzy isn't...he hates being cold. Back to the puppy pads! If only he would go on them 100% of the time. Thank goodness for hardwood floors.
The poor little guy was getting cabin fever and was going nuts and started acting like a cat (lol)! Petco was just what he needed...sniffing...peeing...and running through the store. He even scored some free treats...can't beat that :) !

I made lunch, which was semi-healthy minus the we are on the right track with eating healthy.

I braided my hair which took forever but I just had to do something because spending 30 minutes in the morning taming my hair is just not my style in the winter. Now with my hair braided I just have to simply get up and go! YES! It did take me like 8 hours to do it this time. I took some fun pics with me in make-up...I told myself that I was finally going to learn how to be a bit more girly so here went my attempt.... thanks to the great make-up kit I got from my fiance from Ulta beauty store..
Well here it is 5:00pm and now I have to go and get ready for my day tomorrow. Me and the fiance might head on over to "Twin Rivers" which is our casino just to have a drink or two!!!

Oh...look at the new scarves I have made for my etsy shop....

Until Next time...stay warm and Crafty

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Resolutions for 2009 (not in order by relevance)

a. Loose a little bit of fat and put on more muscle
b. Craft more/ blog more
c. Continue to find ways to save money
d. Move out of the apartment
e. Search/find a new Career that is creative but pays just as good as my current
f. Continue to be a great friend/family member to those who care about me

I know...its a simple list for now, but I am sure I will continue to elaborate on it as the year goes on.