Thursday, November 20, 2008

Animals galore!

So I have been a little behind with keeping up on my blog lately. My mind has completely been on my birthday! Yeah only a couple of more days until the big day and boy do I mean big. I can't believe how time is flying by. I feel old! On another note...I was sifting through some pictures and I found some great animal pics that I shot a while back from various places that I have traveled and thought that I should share them with everyone since I do aspire to someday be a National Geographic Photographer (Just kiddin)! I just love snapping pics of animals...
Eugene, Oregon Bird -----------------Um...not sure what this is yet!
Indiainapolis, Indiana Pigeon -------Eugene, Oregon Duck
Arachnid from Eugene, Oregon ------Stingray in Nassau, Bahamas

Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Etsy Items

Check out some of my new items I added to my etsy shop above

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ah HA!

This is what I came home to yesterday after only being away from the house for 3 hours...I guess Gizzy was a little upset with me!!! Poor baby, he loves his Mommy so much he just couldn't resist digging through my yarn stash and spreading it everywhere.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Weekender

Birthdays, Shopping and fun Galore!

Friday was my hubbys birthday. We had a blast. He turned....28! Yes, I said 28...he is getting old...not much longer and he will be 30! ahhhhh (screams) lol! Birthdays are usually full of fun and laughter at our house. We decided to go to the Casino Resort "Foxwoods" to have dinner, drinks and a little gambling :) Overall, I think that he enjoyed himself and I had a great time too!

<~~~My Hubby with his new Vest and his new Bottle of Ciroc! He loved his gifts (thank goodness). I worked in the morning saturday, the time went by fast! OLD NAVY was having this huge .99 sale on their scarves and hats...since I had to work and I knew that I would miss all the sales so I sent the hubby out and he did a wonderful job nagging me some great scarves!

-----------------> My new scarf!

The rest of the weekend was Christmas shopping and relaxing at home with the family! Thank goodness we have Tuesday off. I can't wait for a day off at the start of the week! Yeah. Oh yeah ...I almost forgot to share my new wood beaded bracelet. I promise that I am going to start posting tons more stuff on my etsy shop. Now that I have the Bahamas out of my veins I can concentrate on tasks at hand! Smiles!

My New wood Bracelet


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Ok, so the spelling of his name...Missed that "C" in there
Yes, we did it...the Nation BARACKED the VOTE!



I can't believe that in my life time I have witnessed a nation coming together to elect a BLACK president. So many people of all colors, races and creeds fought for equality and today it has come true! Thank you for all of you who voted and made a dream of so many come true.

This is such an important day! Thank you...Thank you.

Rock the VOTE!

We Baracked the vote at our house!

I can't wait until the results. I can't believe that either way I am going to be apart of history! Could it be that the United States of America might have their first Black (mixed race) President and a BLACK First Lady. I can't believe it...this is truely a day that I want to cry for joy... I know my ancestors fight for equality did not go in vain.