Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall 2010


(This tree and park have been a little slice of peace amidst all of the chaos I have been experiencing)

Well as always there seems to be something keeping me away from blogging. This time it is our move across several states. Our move wasn't planned but Mr. Papitag got a great job that was too good to pass up, especially given these economic times of our nation. Looks like we will be heading to the nations capitol folks! Let me tell you this entire process has been nothing but a headache but I am FINALLY starting to realize that this will be really good for our family!

(My two munchkins...they are growing so fast)!
In between all of the fuss Ms. Pea turned 25 weeks and Gizzy turned 3 years old. Phew, never a dull moment over here! Somehow in the midst of packing, taking care of an almost 6 month old, walking the dog, keeping sane and sleeping (somewhat) I have managed to spark my craftiness again. I buckled down and purchased a brand new baby (Brother SQ9000) and I am absolutely in love! She sure beats my garage sale find my mom bought me for 25 bucks that was over 20 years old. Don't get me wrong my old brother is still kicking and I do plan on still using her as a back- up machine but the new brothers sure do make sewing a heck of a lot simpler.

I don't know how often I will be able to blog since we will be transitioning to our new place but I hope its better than what I was doing before =)


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