Thursday, September 4, 2008

Great Finda

So...I got me some great finds this past weekend. First...while browsing the labor day sales, I scored some 3.99 cute slides from Khols. Who could pass up an 80% off sale. I will have to post the pic of the shoes sometime later. They seem pretty comfortable, but the ultimate test will be wearing them allday. I also scored some great fabric from our local thrift store. They were having a 70% off sale for labor day on all blue tagged items...and I was thrilled that all the craft stuff was blue tagged. YES! I basically bought all the fabric. I got a bunch of great textures. The prices ended up ranging from $.25 - $1.00. There was also this great sewing machine that I had my eye on and but of course before I could make my way and dart to it, some older guy picked it up. All I could say in my head was (damn damn damn) the sewing machine was blue tag and originally priced at $20.00 which would have put it at a little over $5.00. Can't beat that...guess it wasn't ment to be.

On another note I purchased a loom yesterday and I am excited to start using it. Does anyone out there know how to use one? It came with instructions, but they minus well have been in russian to me (lol).


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