Friday, September 5, 2008

Yeah It is Friday

HAHAHA. I have been contemplating all morning what I would write for today's blog. First off I would like to say I had every intention last night to do a little etsy and craft show crafting. Needless to say that didn't happen. My wonderful fiance took me out to dinner. We ended up going to Dave and Busters, which has the best Salmon Chipolte Salad (so I thought). I pleasantly asked the server to make sure that my salmon was cooked very very well; almost blackened. When our food came out, the salmon was stinky (salmon shouldn't smell fishy if fresh) and you could still see the pinkish fleshy part of the salmon! Sorry...I am not one of those people who likes to eat anything remotely half cooked regardless if it won't harm you. I like my food cooked 110%. My fiance (Ray) got a salad too and it was drenched in honey mustard sauce. I think the cook must have been either falling asleep back there or just didn't give a (beep). Oh well, we didn't end up paying for dinner and walked out. So much for that night out. We went home ordered some Chinese food, watched the movie "Prom night" (lol), played with the dog, and that was that, until this morning I woke up with horrible stomach aches.

This morning I decided to wear the cute tan khaki skirt that I made a while back. I absolutely love it and I am so proud of myself. I also took my braids out last night so my hair is all over the place. I love it though and that is all that matters! :

Look at my little boy, isn't he the cutest puppy. I love him dearly. Thanks Mom for the wonderful B-day present! He is such a joy and one of the best additions to my life. Seriously I think everyone should own a yorkie! They are loyal and the scariest guard dogs (lol)!

Peace out!

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Regine said...

Yep ! TGIF !

You're blog is short but great. I'll try to visit you often...

See you

Take Care