Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday Blues

Warm Weather on October 26th!!!

Sunday went by so so so fast at our house. It wasn't a very exciting eventful Sunday, but we got a lot of stuff done in order to start our Monday off good....i.e: grocery shopping, etc.
This is me after grocery shopping. All I wanted to do was lay on the couch and relax. The football games were about to come on so EVERYONE and their kids were in the grocery store! Don't you hate when you make grocery store errors. After we checked our receipts we realized that we paid $4.99 for a bag of onions....returned....we don't eat onions like that!

I thought this was such a neat picture of our house plants. I love how the sun is feeding them so much light. From the left we have: a corn plant (barely in the pic), spider plant, bamboo, aloe- vera, baby spider plant, willow plant, and a corn plant. I love my plant babies...I just hope they all survive this winter!
I wanted to post a few things that I made for the craft show that I didn't get a chance to display or put up on etsy!

Above is a coin purse/make-up purse and two different styled wristlets (these will be in my etsy shop next week)


here are a couple pics from track practice yesterday...
Our buddy Theo!

Theo and I stretching away!
Ray concentrating on his shoe!

Me...honoring my Smart Water which kept me well hydrated!

I will leave you with a quick clip of Gizzy attacking a bag of chips that Ray left on the futon last night. To Rays surprise he returned from the kitchen to witness Gizzy sneaking the bag of chips off the futon only to try to open them (luckily I had the camera close to catch him in action)....


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