Thursday, October 9, 2008

Work, Sleep, Craft

Crafting, Oprah, Work, no time for cooking?
Yesterday was a trying and exhausting day. It seemed as if nothing was going right at work...does it ever. I was constantly trying to resolve things. I was in a constant state of crafting la la land! I got to fish around on the etsy forms a bit and I am proud to say that it was great. I think I am a new found forum junkie! I even scored a purchase from posting on the forum thank you :
Check out her etsy site she has some great stuff! I was super excited to rush home after work so that I could catch the OPRAH show. I pride myself on being a smart and money conscientious person...and that was what the show was about...American people living within their means. I got some great tips and I am definitely going to check out where you can print off coupons online....Amazing. This reminds me that I need to start thinking of some simple recipes for quick meals. I definitely need help with this one. It is just Ray and kids yet, but we still try to pride ourselves on eating good healthy meals and not eating out that much. Tips or websites would be great.
Here was my crazy hectic schedule yesterday:

7:15 wake up (feed the dog) get dressed, pack lunch
7:45 leave the house for work
8:05 Arrive at work, eat a mini breakfast do the normal routine (check emails, voice mails)
8:10 - 3:30 Work work work
3:45 Arrive at home, walk gizzy, give Gizzy a bath, Vacuum the rugs
4:05 sit and watch Oprah
6:15 Wake up from a mini nap and realize I missed the ending of OPRAH
6:30 Iron work clothes, get things organized for the next day
6:45 Ray arrives home
7:00 off to track practice (bounding & Lifting)
8:40 Stop at the Mediterranean store for dinner
9:00 Arrive back at home...shower start finishing some crafts for the craft show
10:00 package my etsy order
10:30 sit and relax for a minute
11:00 off to bed!
What a wonderful day...right .....SMILE


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