Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Random end of the year (2008 Pics)
Happy New Year!!!
My Brother and Ray and my brothers motorcycle
My new tattoo of 2008...its a butterfly with 4 stars around it. The Starr's represent my Brother, Grandmother, Mother and me. Ahhh my skin looks horrible here but its just because the tattoo was protected with a bandage and when I took the bandage off the sticky stuff left a residue on my leg

Gizzy enjoying a warm days walk in GA

Yummy scrumptious cinnamon rolls I made on Christmas that I pride myself on...don't you just love the vintage plate they are on...

Me, Ray & Gizzy on New Years Eve

(New Years Eve Being usual)

(2008...Mom, Me & Gizzy at the ATL airport heading back to New England)

(Gizzy enjoying Moms house in Georgia...and the warm weather)

(My Brother and I on his motorcycle...he wouldn't dare let me be on it or even think about driving it by myself)

Happy New Year!!!

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