Tuesday, December 30, 2008

LOL...yah...I had to pick out the fro for a fun pic
Back to reality!!!

I am back from Georgia. I had a wonderful Christmas and I hope everyone did too. Its always nice visiting family, but it was nice being home and opening up our pressies at the house. I got some good gifts...things I needed and really wanted ( I will have to post the pics ). I am having a hard time adjusting back to work life. The more I think about it...the more I am unhappy with what I am doing but I am lucky and so very thankful that I have a job and can provide for myself...I think this is what is keeping me at my job, especially since the economy is not the hottest at the moment. It sucks though because deep inside I know I am not doing what I love. Anyhow... guess what...I got a new Tattoo ( I will have to post that later too). I got a butterfly on my left leg with 4 hearts surrounding it...its pretty cool but at this point it itches like crazy...and it hurt like heck to boot.

Well...I have to go get ready for another day tomorrow. It is sad to say but I have been neglecting to post things in my Etsy shop but now that the holidays are just about over I am pretty sure that I will be back on track!



sweetmaggiemay said...

welcome back, I LOVE your hair!!!!

Pretty_Bamboo said...

Thanks Maggie!!!