Thursday, December 4, 2008

Want some Patterns? I thought I would post about some amazing patterns that I received. I have posted some of them on my etsy site, but my main goal is to give some of them away. I will be randomly giving away pattens from my blog. In order to possibly receive a free pattern just send me your size. I will be honest that the pattern sizes that I have are limited. I have shirts, dresses, skirts, and a bit more. Please note that all these patterns are from the early 90's to the late 80's.

My day today was great....I got a ton of compliments at work, which was completely unexpected but who doesn't love to have a compliment every now and then!!! Track practice was hard and it made it even harder that we had an audience watching about a bit of pressure! Now I am busy watching "Chef Ramsey" on the show..Kitchen Nightmares......I love this show..

I am going to continue to add totes, jewelry, and even some scarves to my etsy shop!

Check it out!

Well I will leave you all will a quote for the night

"Commit to excellence"
Have a crafty night!

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