Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Me Love You.....Its been a Long Time! :)

I have missed you all!

This will be quite a long post since I haven't been here in a while. Ahhhhh so much has happened so let me catch you up!

First off...I celebrated my 27th birthday!!! YEAh!
Pic of me and Gizzy on my last day of being 26!

My hand knitted poncho that I won at my craft show! I absolutely love it and purple is my favorite color so I thought it was only fitting to wear it on my Birthday out to dinner.

I absolutely love Papa Razzi Restaurant...check to see if you have one near where you are...the food it amazing! and no, I don't get paid to endorse

After such a great Birthday...we were so geared up and couldn't wait for Thanks Giving. We didn't have any plans and we knew our good friend Theo doesn't celebrate American Holidays so it was only fitting for the three of us to spend the holiday together in a non traditional enviornment...we were thankful we were with each other though... We ended up eating Japanese food on Thanks Giving! It was tasty!

Shanghai Gardens, Ray, Theo and I.

Ray and I after a full tummy of yummy Thanks Giving Japanese food!

After Thanks Giving I was pretty excited to get in on some of the black Friday action...It went well. I was up and at Walmart at 4:45. The store opened up at 5:00 and surprisingly I was one of the first people in the store (only because I cut the line...shhhhh)! I won't post what I got because Ray checks my blog...lets just say that I got some great deals...I also ventured to the mall to Target, Macys, Sears, JCPenny, and the Disney Store.

It is a tradition in our house that we put up the Christmas tree after Thanks Giving. Since this was the first time that Ray and I celebrated Thanks Giving at home alone, we decided to wait until Black Friday to put the tree turned out well...note we don't have many ornaments on the tree and none on the bottom...that little devil Gizzy tried knocking off the ornaments so we cut back and modified the tree!

The little devil!

More of the little Devil!

I will say goodnight with my wonderful homemade potpie dish. Home made as in I took it out of the box it came in and cooked it at home. hahahahahaha

Until next time...Stay warm and Crafty!

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