Saturday, December 20, 2008



Ok, the snow finally came and although I was super excited...I am sick of it already. There is this stupid city ordinance that we cannot park our car on the street when there is massive snow so the snow trucks can come and scoop the streets (which they do a crappy job of). This darn ordinance meant that I had to drive around in the snowy blizzardy like weather until I could figure out where to park my car because our apartment doesn't have a parking lot. I know this may sound bad but we snuk and parked our car in our behind neighbors driveway...they have oober space and we "assumed" they wouldn't mind! This all happened yesterday

When I woke up this morning I swear I knew it was going to be a bad start to the day. I was already grumpy because my cold doesn't seem to be getting any better and it still feels like I swallowed an elephant!!! Theraflu is working though...I am starting to cough up that muky muk stuff! Ok...back to the horrible morning. Ray fraking woke me up at like 8:00am to get up to move my car out of the neighbors driveway! So don't you know I went to move the car and my locks were freaking frozen once again! AHHHHHHHHH! I don't know what I am going to do with these locks this winter! Ray and I walked about 5 gallons of boiling hot water to try to unlock my car. Finally we gave up on the drivers side and used the hot water to open the passenger side and I just climbed over the seat to the driver side to drive the car back out to the street! This whole ordeal took about 45 minutes....with freezing wet hands...knee deep snow and a banging headache. Finally the car ordeal is over and I don't have to move the car until work Monday! YES! I will have to deal with it on Monday!

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