Thursday, December 18, 2008


This is our baby Gizzy above when he was a wee tot!

The pic above is our 2008 family Christmas Card photo...we do one every year! Note we are all colored coordinated and both have black hats on...Gizzy wouldn't keep his on his head for more than a milli second! I edited the pic with!

SO basically I have been M.I.A. for a while. A lot has been going on gearing up for the holiday not to mention that I freaking feel like I swallowed an Elephant!!! I think I am getting the bugggg that is going around. I sold a heart bracelet on Etsy the other day and was super excited to see that the item was headed all the way down under (Australia) exciting. I haven't bothered adding anything new to the shop lately because I will be putting the shop on Vacation mode next week until after Christmas....unfortunately and fortunately I will not have access to my supplies for the holiday.

Did you all hear that there is a freaking storm headed this way to New England. I will give you a few clues of what state in New England I live in...well...1. We have the worst economy in the United States right now....2. Everyone and there fraking neighbor are related...3. Paaaking the car is used instead of "parking" the car...4. There is/was a huge mob influence...5. you can drive to one end of the state to the other in a half an hour...6. People don't understand what the heck a stop sign is or using a blinker...7. The speed limit on the crappy freeway is 55 mph...give up???? WEll look all the way down for the answer. Anyhow back to what I was there is this terrible storm headed and I can almost care less about the is the crack heads that will be driving in the snow that I am worried about! The state issued a state of emergency and closed all schools but all other business are "suppose" to remain open as normal business would. SUCKS! So this means that I am going to have to dodge people in the morning as well as control my little car in the slippery weather! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!~

I have also been MIA because we are back in competition mode, so the weekends are pretty much locked with Track and Field meets. Ray had his first meet at Harvard this past weekend. I didn't compete because my season was very long long last we are below at the very track where we met and the rest is history!

Oh I was ooober excited that I was on the news last night. I had a huge meeting at work and my boss and the community facilitator of the meeting were zoomed in on for footage on the local fox I guess I got my hot 1.5 seconds of local fame (LOL). I didn't get to see the mini clip but I hope I wasn't scratching or digging...not that I would be anyway...hahahaahahhaaaa!

Before I go...check out these pajamas that my Aunt gave me one Christmas...I made the most of the present, but don't I look hideous in the basically "adult" sized onsie! LOL. What can you do though, the gift was given out of love and I love my Aunt with all my heart

Stay warm and Crafty....

PS. RHODE ISLAND is the answer...I am going to take some pics of the snow and the crazy drivers.

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