Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The trip here has been wonderful. I can't believe the warm weather that they are having. It is literally 75 degrees and when we left our house we left 15 degree weather. Hopefully we don't get sick from such a drastic weather change...well in my case it won't matter anyway since I basically have the "bola" virus (this is what my family calls a bad cold) or something of that It has been great seeing my Mom and brother. I finally got to meet my Mothers significant other...nice guy...he got the stamp of approval, which is rare coming from me. Now the final test will be meeting my brothers girlfriend who will also be the mother of my soon to be nephew....I forgot to post about that...but basically my brother beat me to the punch and will be a father sometime in April. That is all I feel like discussing about that matter!
Anyhow...I made it here safe and sound now I have to go back to enjoying my time with my family. I will post pictures when I am back home!~ pics finally posted!!!

The Family on Christmas (my borther, me in the middle with the old school peace signs, Ray & Mom)
Peace out!

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sweetmaggiemay said...

hi there!
thanks for commenting on my blog! you look so sweet:-)
I'm off to check out your etsy shop now!
I am friends with knittydirtygirl who you listed on your tutorial side...we have a little Lancaster arty group here and her and I are buddies.
now i know a "Rhode Island-ah!!!!"