Sunday, January 4, 2009

What a lovely day

No Really... I don't wear this much make-up...hardly wear make-up at all...I was just experimenting.

Today has been a great day. Last night I stayed up late watching old school movies on the computer ( you can instantly watch a variety of movies. I chose to watch some cheesy horror flicks. It was fun but my eyes started to burn at 3:00am and since my family ditched me around midnight it was time for bed. I definitely slept in this morning and didn't roll out of bed until about 11:00am it was great! We did our usual ritualistic things we do on Sunday...clean, get a Sunday paper, get some dunkin coffee, & cook a large breakfast (wheat pancakes was the choice today).

We took the baby (Gizzy) to Petco to let him run around a bit. He loves it there...and it is a little treat for him since he has been cooped in the house due to the weather. Yorkies aren't the best winter least Gizzy isn't...he hates being cold. Back to the puppy pads! If only he would go on them 100% of the time. Thank goodness for hardwood floors.
The poor little guy was getting cabin fever and was going nuts and started acting like a cat (lol)! Petco was just what he needed...sniffing...peeing...and running through the store. He even scored some free treats...can't beat that :) !

I made lunch, which was semi-healthy minus the we are on the right track with eating healthy.

I braided my hair which took forever but I just had to do something because spending 30 minutes in the morning taming my hair is just not my style in the winter. Now with my hair braided I just have to simply get up and go! YES! It did take me like 8 hours to do it this time. I took some fun pics with me in make-up...I told myself that I was finally going to learn how to be a bit more girly so here went my attempt.... thanks to the great make-up kit I got from my fiance from Ulta beauty store..
Well here it is 5:00pm and now I have to go and get ready for my day tomorrow. Me and the fiance might head on over to "Twin Rivers" which is our casino just to have a drink or two!!!

Oh...look at the new scarves I have made for my etsy shop....

Until Next time...stay warm and Crafty


old solider said...

love the dog photo .what a cutie

Scrappinmomof3 said...

Love the scarves that you have made! Your doggy is such a cutie!! Thanks for the comment!