Thursday, January 8, 2009

Working out & Eating

Yeah I like horror movies, Starbucks and dressing like a boy...SO WHAT!!!

Hello All Ye People!!! Sometimes I get these urges to be silly and weird! Yup that's me above...scary how much I look like a boy....

My day was pretty great today! The highlight of my day today was working out this evening. I love it when track practices consists of jumping...! And who doesn't love eating...dinner was great...I must say that I am obsessed with food...luckily I have pretty good eating habits or else it could be a disaster. Ray cooked Salmon for was yummy and light enough so I didn't feel super stuffy full after working out.

I am super excited because tomorrow Ray and I are going to see the "Unborn" he doesn't know it though...but we are definitely going. I am in love with horror like suspense movies...and this seems like it should be pretty good even though it is only rated PG-13!

In theaters tomorrow...

Me and Gizzy at one of my favorite pick me upper joints....If you haven't tried the Carmel APple Spice hot drink they have...TRY IT...if you like apple juice you will love it.

Here are some of my agate necklaces that I will be reposting for my etsy website (

Stay warm and Crafty

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