Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day 2009

Happy Valentines day!!!

We started our valentines day off at 12:30 am where we went to see Friday the good!
Today has been such a great day!!! I was so excited to awake to my Valentines day gifts...a great massage and also a portable dvd player (this is going to be so great when we have to travel all over the country for meets).

We did a little shopping today at the outlets. I ended up getting some new running shoes and some new tights for track. Has anyone besides me realized the great sales that many retailers have been having. I got so much stuff super cheap! I love it.
Gizzy enjoyed Valentines day too...we gave Ray Chocolates and a stuffed dog (from gizzy) Gizzy took the dog back (reneged) and tried to rip it to shreds...we aren't sure if he thought it was some sort of competition for him or something (lol).

I have been working super hard on my new etsy shop:

I named the shop after Gizzy...doots is his nick name that we call him. Check out some of the new stuff in my shop below:

I haven't been able to blog that much lately. I have been boggled down with my 9-5 and then with track and also with my new shop on etsy . I have managed to keep up with my new Twitter and Flickr can follow me at: &

Stay Crafty and be sure to check out

Unfortunately due to some inappropriate naming will be closing March 31, 2009! I will be having some great sales so check it out too!

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