Thursday, February 19, 2009


Some things and People just SUCK!!!

This has had to be one of the most trying weeks that I have had in 2009. To start things off....Tuesday I had to go to court for a STUPID....let me repeat STUPID parking violation ticket. The ticket was issued because I didn't move my Car in time for the plow trucks! Who knew that the grand Ole state of RI had so much money to waste that they needed to plow a measly 1.5" of snow (what a joke)! Tuesday came and we (myself and neighbors) made our way to court to fight this outrageous ticket! Did we get off? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! But if you speed, drive without a license, are practically drunk, or park on a sidewalk your ticket gets dismissed! What a waste of a judicial system! 135 bucks later and a pissing match with the courthouse judge ...I was escorted by cops out of the court house! No wonder why the population of RI will start to dwindle! No jobs, Crappy homes, Crappy judicial system...its all falling to shambles....Hear me out!!! if you are looking to move here DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that was Tuesday....Yesterday (Wednesday) work was super busy as usual which I don't mind at all. What I did mind is that a co-worker decided to put in his two cents and comment on some of the home pics that I have in my office! Will you believe that he had the nerve to look at my photos and say out loud "man that is one ugly dog!" Oh no he didn't just call my baby UGLY! I was still boiling from having to pay $135 bucks for a ticket that was issued at 11pm...sorry I sleep buddies...I couldn't help but to mouth vomit! I said to him " don't call my baby ugly" and he said it again so I just blurted out "well you know what since we are being honest here ...your KID IS UGLY! so stop prancing his photo around the office!" He just stood there and looked at me like I was crazy! Ahhhhhhhh I felt good after I said that.....hehehehehe

On a good note check out some more items that I have added to my new shop:

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My baby Isn't Ugly...see all the ladies at the playgroup love him!

Stay Crafty!

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sweetmaggiemay said...

oh all that sucks!
are you sure that guy doesn't like you? you are so pretty with your dog in the Valentine post, that was very 7nth grade of him. and 1.5 inches of snow? they should have signs up that say, "if it is supposed to FLURRY don't park here."
I have the big secret on my blog now, it's been announced.
take care!
Maggie French