Monday, March 30, 2009


I just love the smell of babies!

I have been consumed and enthralled in baby this and baby that with the recent birth of my nephew. The Nurse at the NIC-U couldn't believe that "Turtle" is an African American baby. Oh well, she should know that babeis and people come in all shapes, colors and sizes what difference does it make. If he grows up and decides he wants to be green that is just fine with us!

I am absolutely head over heels for my little nephew "Turtle." He is absolutely the cutest thing besides Gizzy. It amazes me how fast he is changing from day to day. He is slowly loosing his preemie alien look and starting to get the cutsie baby face! The little guy is a fighter and is doing so well after his operation. He should be able to start on Milk sometime this week.

Needless to say with all t
he baby-ness happening in my life right now I haven't been up to making too much for my etsy shop lately. I have been making loads of bibs, blankets and clothing for my little nephew!

It is funny that time is flying by and it is making me feel old each day. I am so excited and on cloud 9...I will feel so much better when the little fighter is 100% healthy and able to eat on his own so he can go home and be with his family!

My Baby Brother and his baby

Auntie Loves you Turtle!!!

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