Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Well I have finally got around to posting some more of my wonderful jewelry that I have been working on. You can check out my site at:

Yesterday was such a crazy day with work and with all of the info circulating around about the whole computer scare going on. I freaked out a bit but went home to check my PC and my system seems to be running fine besides the slow as ever Internet service we have (lol).

Hopefully today will be bright and sunny again so I can get outside and take some more pics of some jewelry that I need to list on ETSY. Etsy is wonderful and if you haven't been you should go to the website and check out all of the wonderful artists that thrive in the handmade community. Oh and don't forget to stop by my page while you are there!!!

(The Queen Elizabeth Necklace) Made with antiqued silver. The pendant has a dried flower encrusted in the center. (click on the link to be directed to this item listing)

(The punky Bruster Necklace) Made with color changing beads and a silver change. Follow the link to be directed to this item:

(Lock my heart away Necklace) This necklace features a bronze locket centered on a bronze chain. Follow the link for more pics and information on this item:

(Lucky You four-leaf clover Necklace) This is a Four leaf clover pendant centered on a bronze chain. Follow the link for more information on this item:

That is all for now! Have a Happy Start to April
Stay Crafty!

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paperwhite said...

beautiful necklaces!