Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If you build it...it will come!


Ray and I decided to tackle a much needed DIY project for Gizzy. Gizzy was using our bean bag to jump up onto and off the bed. Each morning I would either kick the huge beanbag or step onto it....so we decided it was time for his very own dog stairs to get on and off the bed. We could have easily went to the store and bought him some but what is more fun than doing it yourself.

(Ray starting the construction)

This project would have been a little easier if we didn't run out of wood at the lat minute. I guess that is what we get for going to Home Depot without a blue print of what we were going to do. We did a good job though for just randomly choosing figures from out heads and literally guessing the logistics of the stairs.

(Ray made a mistake and had to re-do some nails)
All together it took us about an hour from start to finish. We didn't use any of our power tools for this project just wood, nails, a mini saw and an old fashioned hammer; can't get more simple than that.
(just about finished)
Since we ran out of wood I decided to use some cardboard that we had lying around the apartment to close in the front of the stairs to be sure that Gizzy wouldn't fall through. It ended up working out great because I was able to write his name and nicknames on the stairs...not that he would care or anything...hes a dog...but it was fun for me at least!
(we make such a good team)

(the finished product)
Well, it isn't the prettiest set of stairs ever but it was made with love for our baby so we like it...plus it resolved our massive huge bean bag issue...now there is more space to walk around the bed.
(at the end of it all I was getting pretty dangerous with the staple gun)
All in a days work of living D.I.Y.
Stay warm and crafty!!!

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Anonymous said...

Well that was awfully nice of you to build your puppy some stairs. They look great!