Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Can you believe it is March?

March Madness ALREADY?....

to start off mach we had a horrible snow storm here in New England. Can I be honest and tell you that I am so sick of snow I am about to pack a bag and head to the Caribbean somewhere! Things have been good on my end. I have sold 2 more items on my closeout shop http://www.beppin.etsy.com/. March 31, 2009 marks the last date that the shop will be open, so if you are in need of some "stuff" then why not check it out. All prices are discounted for a sale. My new shop http://www.dadootdoots.etsy.com/ has only made 2 sales, but the views on my items seem to be really promissing.
This weekend I had the USA Track and Field National competition. I ended up placing 7th which completely SUCKED! I didn't do good at all. My run was off and everything just looked a mess (you might have no clue what I am talking about if you aren't familiar with the jumps). Anyhow on a more positive note Ray and I are full throttle with remodeling our little piece of space in this world. We have decided to start with the living room.
On Sunday we purchased a reclining chocolate love seat and a new entertainment center (will post pics later). For now the futon that was in the living room is in storage and we dumped our old entertainment center that we built when we moved in together...it was about time for some adult furniture. I have been getting some great ideas from: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/ there are so many good ideas and tips and tricks to try. I think our next task will be to paint the wall....but we might hold off on this until the weather turns for the better.
Well that is what my exciting world has been up to. I will be sure to post those pics so check back if you are interested in seeing the before and after pics of our living room...Oh and please don't laugh when you realize how incredibly small it is (lol)
Below are a couple of items listed in http://www.dadootdoots.etsy.com

peace and Love!
Stay Crafty

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