Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fabric land

New anklet, Fabric Shopping/Spring

My new anklet that I am in love with! The colors just scream out to me. Anytime I get down or out or need a quick pick-me up I just look down at the wonderful bold colors and for a second I feel better.

I have been so excited for the Spring season this year. Winter was incredibly long and hard to get through. I have managed to overcome my winter blues by indulging in the wonderful springy palates of colors! I have been obsessed with a lot of stripey prints and bold loud colors this spring. I spent my lunch at Walmart yesterday browsing through the fabric department and overtaken by some of the wonderful prints:
This color combination caught my eye. I love the bold colors in the stripped prints and the soft boldness (if there can actually be a thing) in the polka-dot prints.

Polka-Dots seem to be "in" this spring. I have seen so many different textiles with various sizes and colors of polka dots. My favorite is the brown and pink combination...It is something about pink and brown that just fit so well to me.

Another stripey print to the left that I just absolutely love and couldn't resist indulging in.

Here I am carrying out some supplies that I managed to pick out at the last minute for a quilt that I will attempt to make for my nephew "turtle." I was able to find the cutest turtle printed fleece fabric and a soft yellow fleece for the back. I am going to attempt to try to ribbon bind the quilt (never tried before) hopefully it works out for the best. Oh I almost forgot to mention the Walmart in my area like in many areas is getting rid of their fabric department so I scored great deals on all the fabric I purchased 25% off....I can't wait for the 50-75% off discount prices.

I leave you with a pic of my baby! He is so obsessed with his ball!!!

Stay Crafty and inspired!

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