Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hope You Had a Great Easter

I am guessing a huge majority of individuals were at church Easter Sunday, but we spent out Sunday doing our ritualistic routine after I was surprised with my Easter pressie and basket....

(Yummy Easter eggs, peeps and a chocolate bunny)

our routine:
  • Wake up...when ready to get up or when Gizzy (our Yorkie) needs to go out...we know this by him licking our faces to get us out of the bed.

  • Do the usual morning stuff once out of the bed....get dressed...get Gizzy ready
  • Then we start out on our walk to our nearest Dunkin Donuts...we typically do not buy anything but a Sunday paper...maybe Papatag (my fiance) might buy a coffee while Gizzy and I wait outside, but this Sunday we didn't get anything we just walked there and around our neighborhood.
  • Then we play with Gizzy and his favorite ball in the backyard...he is obsessed! Play time ended early because Gizzy couldn't focus and was too interested in licking this icky ball that belongs to our neighbors dog who slobs on everything! IICKKK
  • Back in the house to clean Gizzy off and to brush his hair (got to keep the Yorkie doo looking good)
  • eat a mini breakfast and get dressed for workout time! This Sunday it consisted of Turkey bacon and 1/2 an english muffin.......I am addicted to Turkey bacon (we don't eat pork or beef in our house)

  • off to practice (track) for us...
  • 2 hours and a shower later

  • Dunch (dinner/lunch) Papatag Cooked Lasagna (we typically try to cook good meals on Sundays) good meaning larger meals than we normal cook or meals that might take longer.

  • Rest of the day was resting....watching a bit of the Tele and falling in and out of sleep

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday doing what you do!

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