Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Princess and the LYON!


(Gizzy taking time to stop and smell the flowers)
I must admit that I have been a horrible blogger lately! I had planned on getting back on track with blogging consistently but honestly I haven't been crafting that much and could fill this entire blog with rants about whats been going on in my life but I figured no one would be interested in hearing all my strife (LOL). A couple of things that have been going on include: being outbid for (3)...yup 3 homes that we put bids on, healing my ankle appropriately which meant limited exercising (horrible for me), working like crazy almost every Saturday, and trying to find sometime for "me" in between it all. We have come to the conclusion that we are going to let nature take its course with the house ankle is almost 98% better and no more working weekends. So this means more time for crafting and more time for blogging......

Here are a couple of Spring pics that I wanted to share with you:

(My new temporary hairstyle...)

(I still can't seem to resist picking these and making wishes)

Have a good one!!!

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christina said...

Blogging is hard, I even fall off a lot, but I too am trying to get back on track.