Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nationial Geographic and Strawberry Picking

I have been super busy with work and competing (track) every has left minimal time for play play play....but I have managed to sneak a little bit of fun in here and there. While visiting Georgia a while back I had a chance to visit my Uncle...who is more like my Grandfather (strange I know) I only say that because he is old enough to be so....I love my uncle who is slightly a "Fred Sanford" (LOL) seriously you should see the "junk" or for better the "treasures" he collects!
(My Uncle and I)

My Nephew "Baby Turtle" from my trip to Georgia ...he was so comfy in my arms

(I am waiting on that call from National Geographic)

A birds nest on my uncles property... he has a bit of land and a bunch of wild life running a muck. I Can't remember what type of bird this was, nonetheless it was fun playing national geographic trying to get the best pic of the eggs and nest.

(Birds Nest)
(The birds nest), I almost got attacked by the Mommy bird while taking this one...she wasn't too pleased with me getting near her babies but I left them unharmed and undisturbed. Thanks Mamma birdie for not poking my eye out or biting me!

This past weekend Ray and I visited Valatie, NY for a track meet and we stopped along the highway when we were finished at a organic farm that had strawberries, boysenberries, corn, apples and so much more. We only opted to pick the strawberries.....they were so tasty!!!

(Strawberry farm)
(me picking strawberries)

Ray was the best strawberry picker ever...and it was his first time. He had a really good eye for finding the most red luscious juiciest strawberries ever....and he was kind enough to let me eat most of them......Nummmm Yummy!

(This strawberry was so perfect)

(I could have shoved all these in my mouth)

(I wanted to take all the delicious morsels home but I knew I had to leave some for everyone else (LOL))

(Me grubbin on our way home...and nope, I didn't bother washing the strawberries...honestly the thought didn't cross my mind (they looked to yummy and they were saying "eat me")....I figured since it was an organic farm that there weren't any pesticides used...and a little dirt never hurt anyone...RIGHT?) LOL

Peace out!

Stay Crafty and get out and visit a farm! This City Girl Did!!!

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