Friday, July 31, 2009

I thought we lived in the City??

Hello...hope your Friday is going as great as mine

Well I thought I would share a couple of pics from earlier this summer. It was sometime in early July that Mr. Papitag yelled into the window from outside " Re...Re...come here you have to see this!" Apparently he was walking Gizzy and ran into this fellow right down the street: was a freaking turkey...walking in one of our neighbors yard! I was so quick to run and get my camera I didn't even care that I still had on my pj's, hadn't brushed my teeth yet and lets not mention what my hair was looking like. It was all in a days work of sacrificing looks for a great its not everyday that we see a wild turkey lurking in our neck of the woods...or shall I say "city." Hopefully none of my neighbors had their cameras taking a picture of my "wild" looking self (lol)! NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC...I am still waiting on that phone call (LOL) !!! No, but seriously I am =)

(gobble gobble)
I wonder if someone had him as a pet because he wasn't afraid of me getting too close to him. Mr. Papitag at this point kept yelling "Re, get away from him...he is going to attack you." I was just concerned with getting a good glimpse of him before he ran off into the empty lot down the street that makes it seem like we live in the boonies...that is another story though...I will save the hideous, nasty empty lot story for another day!
enjoy your Friday
Get out and do something Crafty...I sure will

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