Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Friday


Thank goodness today is almost seems like I am wishing my days away to get to the weekend. I have been crafting a bunch lately and trying to increase my inventory for my annual craft show at Transcongretional Church here in town. Last year was my first craft show and I did great...overall I had the highest profit (exciting) glowing with glee just thinking about this year!!! Below are a couple of items that I have added to my etsy shop...I haven't made any for the craft show yet...

All Items can be found in my etsy shop at:

The family has been doing a lot of stuff together lately even though Mr. Papitag doesn't get home until after 6:30 most nights. We have been taking loads of day trips to the parks and taking full advantage of the "free" things that our state has to offer. We are both addicted to physical activity so the natural parks have become a great past time of ours...and Gizzy has been loving chasing the Geese!
Hopefully this weekend I can convince Mr. Papitag to join me in my quest to recapturing my title of "thrift store queen." I will have to keep my fingers crossed because he typically lasts about a good 10 minutes in a thrift store and if you are like me 10 minutes just doesn't cut it when you are trying to find lovely treasures. I will be sure to bring my camera to try to capture all the great or not so great finds!!!

The Family

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