Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trying Times!!!

Not Quite Home Sweet Home!!!

I have been away from crafting, blogging, working out, just about everything I love to do in my free time because.....We finally own our fist home!!! Yeah, the search is over. I posted a while back when we were in the midst of searching for our fist place....boy was it trying times. I am glad that it is finally over. We finally decided on a 1920's colonial home. Its cute but needs a lot ofwork. Thank you Mr. President for your wonderful incentive for new home buyers....

Me In the "Family room" doing some construction. Who ever invented wood paneling "sucks!"

Mr. Papitag in the master bedroom wrapping up the disgusting carpet that was in every inch of the house

The Family room before Demo..but after we ripped out the carpet, to our surprise the hardwood floors were in great conditition...they will be excellent after a nice sanding and a nice chesnut stain.

entrance & Living room before Demo but after we ripped up the hideous green carpeting...again nice hardwood floors.
The Dinning Room before demo but once again after we ripped up carpet and to our surprise there was horrible sticky lanolin tiles underneath the carpet....WHAT IN THE WORLD! LOL

As you can see, we have a long way to go and only 2.5 more weeks until we have to be out of our apartment. I will be sure to keep the pictures coming. Silly me, I forgot to take a pic of the outside of the house....

To be continued....

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