Monday, September 7, 2009

Adventures of Sponge Bob

Hello!!! (Throughout our renovations, I have been addicted to these cute little "Sponge Bob" ice creams that are sold at our Dollar Tree....since we seem to be in Dollar Tree for little things for the House I keep nabbing one of these little tasty treats)!

Well, as I assumed before our home renovations I have had minimal free time, so I haven't had the time or energy to turn on my computer to blog lately. We only have 2 weeks to go before we need to be out of our hole in the wall apartment.....can't wait! So far we have started to tile the floors, took down wood paneling in the family room, put up dry wall, skim coated almost all the walls that are finished and even started painting. Here are some updated pics of the house:

( Pic of the side of the house)
(The one room that was renovated before we moved in...doesn't look like it because it is a mess filled with clothes and this and that...we still need to change the wall color and put in a new vanity/sink to make our mark on it).
(The front entry way...another room finished.....which Mr. Papitag let me complete without any of his interventions. I tiled, painted & finished the walls all by we just need some art on the wall and a few coat hooks to top it off)
(Looking into the Dinning room from the family room...both rooms are still in the mid stage of renovations. As you can see we need to finish grouting and taking down some wood paneling, etc...)
OK, until next time....
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Kay said...

I love the renovation pictures. Looks like you're doing a great job.

REAS said...

Kay, thank is so tiring but so worth it in the long run! =)

sweetmaggiemay said...

that is WAY WAY cute!!! you'll have it home sweet home in no time!
Maggie French