Monday, October 26, 2009

Doggie Halloween

Gizzy says Happy Halloween!

Well, I finally ended up locating my digital camera after ripping through numerous boxes which I didn't intend on opening until the house is a bit more settled...oh well it was better than having to shell out money for a new one. Gizzy had his annual "small breed" doggie Halloween party yesterday. He had a blast....and actually ended up winning "Most Spooky Costume!" His prize for winning was a bag of organic sweet potato doggie treats, a Frankenstein squeaky toy and a little squeaky ball (the ball he wasn't suppose to take home but the owner let him have it) that little thief (lol). We had such a great time watching our little guy play with his doggy and human friends and we also got to socialize with our doggie owners who also come to the play group (yes, we are all those crazy dog owners who do anything for their pets).....hahahahaha....

Anyhow... Gizzy wanted to wish you and your pets a Happy Halloween...this Saturday we (the humans of the family Mr. Papitag and I) are going to a Halloween Party...I am excited but Mr. Papitag could probably care two sh**s about dressing up and being silly! oh well, he will have fun...


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