Thursday, October 1, 2009

October already

"Feeling like I can't catch my Breath"
Wow, Time is surely flying by...I haven't been able to blog that much lately because of the continued home renovations. We are almost done so I should be back on track soon. Oh and did I mention that I have a craft show to prepare for in the midst of all of the crazy messy home stuff!
I think back to myself and wonder where in the world did the summer go. So many things have changed for me in such a short period of time: the birth of my nephew, track nationals, buying our first home, and some more surprises (can't disclose just yet). No wonder I feel like I can't catch my breath lately, so much has been happening all so fast. (memories of summer)
(Favorite summer meal: Fresh green salad with mushrooms, red onions, cucumbers, fresh garden tomatoes, and to top it off chicken and avocado chunks. YUMM!)

Goodbye sweet dandelions and yummy summer salads...hello hearty soups, comfy blankies, the crisp air of the fall and all of the Halloweenie goodness!

Until next time....

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