Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy start to the New Year

So, I decided to get to my goal list for 2010 and started things off right by deep cleaning our freezer and fridge. I am happy that it is all spiffy clean and organized now and I can find things that I need. We typically have a tendency of just putting stuff in there without any rhyme or rhythm, but now things are organized and I plan to keep it that way! The next on the list will be to tackle the pantry, which is going to be a challenge. I hate throwing away good food so this year I promised myself that we would try to eat what we have on hand instead of buying buying buying unnecessary items or items just because they are on sale.

(Above: our clean fridge)
For Lunch today Mr. Papitag and I got to use one of our Christmas pressies (gift card to Cheesecake Factory). Lunch was so scrumptious and there were even left overs that we both took home (along with a slice of cheesecake each) for dinner later. Wow, the portion sizes even for lunch were enormous! As a matter of fact I think it is time for me to go and eat some more of my snickers cheesecake right now. Other than that today was a low key day...I did a bit of laundry and we finally took down the Christmas tree. We had plans to go to the dollar cinema (trying to save money) to see paranormal activity since most of the block busters here went out of business and it is apparently hard to rent the movie at the "redboxes," but the plans fell though and I took a nap instead. Maybe tomorrow I might be a little bit more productive and get a few more things accomplished. Until then...enjoy your night...I am going to get my cheesecake! Nummm Yummy!
Nite Nite!

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