Monday, January 11, 2010


Life always has a way of taking funny turns this way and that. Lately it seems like that good old money tree has not been in our favor as a family. We had the recent vet bills with Gizzy on New Years eve, now it seems like that may have just kicked in the new Year for us! Mr. Papitags car is about to shit the bed. We have no one to turn to and no one that is close that can help us out with a new car! ERRRR! What next? There is just no way that we can get by with just one car with me working locally and Mr. Papitag working out of town unless I started to use the bus. The bus wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't 6 months pregnant! I don't know what we are going to do! We also have a crap load of housing construction that needs to be completed before the baby gets here which also requires money....and then there is of course the daily or monthly expenses of just "living." Speaking of just could I forget to mention that Friday I locked my keys in my car and had to shell out $70 bucks to update me and Mr. Papitags AAA membership. RRRRRRRRRRR! I have a goal for 2010 to stay positive so I am going to try to do just that even in the face of all of these financial woes..... =(
I hate for this post to be a downer but I thought I would share what has been happening in my world. I haven't had time to post anything on etsy or even break out much of my craft supplies. I am in need of some therapeutic recreation though so I think I will crack out the whip and get to crafting again...even if it is just for our new addition to come.

(above me at an antique shop in Georgia)

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