Monday, September 15, 2008

Dark Knight, Knitting, the weekend

OK, this weekend was a good weekend. I did a ton of crafting. I made some tote bags, some jewelry, some clothes. I was very productive. My stash for the craft show in October is becoming quite large.

Ray finally decided to switch his phone plan on over to T-mobile. Now we can talk all day whenever we want without being charged minutes. I just love the my fav five! Yes! We went to the mall and browsed around. Don't you just hate how everyone and everything looks the same at the mall. Too bad everyone can't just be themselves...I guess that would make for an interesting society. On another note I found out that my supplier of fabric (Walmart) will be getting rid of their fabric section! Those corporate people don't realize the impact that this is going to have...they are the DEVIL! I guess I am going to have to save up and buy as much as I can once they clearance everything to get rid of it. It sucks because that means that in my area Joann fabrics will capitalize on everything...not that I don't like Joann fabrics, its just their fabrics are way more expensive. I knitted the most amazing scarf this weekend. This is how I did it:

How to knit a scarf:

Supplies: large knitting needles

1 package of yarn

Directions: Cast on 13-15 (depending on the width you want) regular loops and continue this until you have the desired length you want. Tada you will be finished!

Great Movies

The Dark Knight has to be one of the best movies that I have seen to date. Ray and I went to see the movie last night at 9:30. Little did we know that the movie was 2.5 hours long, but it was the best 2.5 hours spent watching a movie. This movie had action, love, thrills & chills. I am not going to give it away, but it was better than Titanic (to me) so I see why it is breaking so many records. The movie also gave me some great Halloween costume ideas. I am thinking I will either be the Joker, Batman himself, or possibly the scarecrow....or maybe none of the above.

Later! =)

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