Friday, September 12, 2008

Its Friday....Straight hair, Food, Fun, Crafts& I hate ballys Gym!

This is Ray and I above. Can you believe that I took the plunge and straightened my once Kinky Coily hair; it was needed though I had to trim those dead ends off. I didn't use chemicals to straighten it. I went to the wonderful Dominican salon that I use to go to when I had chemically processed hair and they used they hottest hair dryer and rolling brush along with a flat iron and some hair products to get it straight. I absolutely love it. It amazes me that last year I had no hair on my head (my decision to buzz it all off). I am super excited about the growth and how healthy it is. Ray and I have been some little piggies lately or just flat out lazy. We have almost eaten out everyday this week. This is completely not us but neither one of us felt like cooking at all. I have been a die hard sewing/crafting junkie. The other night I made a quilt, some necklaces and some other things; none of which will be in my etsy shop. I am saving these goodies for my craft show on October 18. This will be the first time that I have displayed my creations in a show. I am SUPER excited and nervous at the same time. Hopefully I sell something and don't end up sitting there looking silly. Ray said that he would keep coming up to my table to buy things to draw people to my table if I don't have any buyers (isn't he sweet) Lol.

I am on a mission this weekend to not spend any money on more crafting supplies but to use the ones that I have. Sometimes I get the junky fever and keep buying and buying things when I haven't even used the stuff that I already have in the house. Life here in New England has been crazy lately. Ray got a new job so we will be moving soon. It is going to change a few things...he will now be leaving before me each morning and getting home around 7:00. I guess Gizzy and I will be doing a lot of bonding together. It is starting to feel like fall here. My skirts and short sleeve shirts will be retired soon. It is time to break out the long sleeve shirts and the sweaters! NOOOOOOOOOO! This only means that the snow is right around the corner!

Oh I almost forgot that I wanted to blog about our experience last night at Ballys Gym. Now I know every Ballys in the country is not like this, but this one put a sour taste in my mouth. Ray, Theo (our good friend/workout buddy) and myself decided to go to Ballys after our stair workout because Theo has a membership there. Once we got there we assumed that we were going to be able to use a gift pass to get in since Theo is a member. No, the lady behind the counter says to me "sorry you need to sign up" who in the world would sign up for something without trying it out. So I looked at this guy who was also behind the counter and I asked him if he could help us out so we could try the gym for the day. He says to me "do you really want to buy a membership" I reply "I would like to try it out so I can make that decision (knowing I didn't want to) he says back to me " I really don't think you do" then he precedes to say the pass is for locals only...let me inform you that he ASSUMED we weren't local. I said " Look buddy you either let us try out your gym so we can DECIDE if we want a membership or we are walking out. Let me tell you...this guy and the girl back there both looked like they just got finished eating an entire COUNTRY BUFFET!...the entire freaking Buffet (they did not motivate me at all). I looked at him like buddy just give me the freaking pass...needless to say the atmosphere and people made us never want to go there again. This whole experience was like a smoker trying to sell that smoking is bad to another smoker (what in the world). News flash for Ballys...your employees and customer service SUCKS! I just had to vent a little. Thank goodness it is Friday.

Smoothches...until later

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