Sunday, September 7, 2008

The end of the weekend

I am sad that Sunday is come and basically gone. Today was a great day though. I got to sleep in until 10:30 this morning. Ray and I had to be at the track for a long workout at 11:30. My workout was hard. If you didn't know...yes, Ray and I train, run track and compete semi professionally. You definately should call it professionally for the amount of time I dedicate to it. My typical M-F is work 7 -8 hours at my normal job, come home for about 1/2 an hour then head to the track for parctice for 2 hours....get home, shower, eat, watch a little tv or craft, then off to bed. There typically doesn't leave much time for anything in between. Ray and I do try to sneak off and go on a date or just out and about but we often find ourselves heading to the dog park to let our little one run a muck. Sometimes it is so hard to be motivated to go out though because our bodies are mentally and physically tired from work and practice. I am not complaining because I wouldn't change it for the world. It all pays off when we compete in indoor/outdoor track and field USA Nationals or like 3 months ago the olympic trials. Its a sacrifice but a good, I wouldn't just want to come home a be a couch potato :)!!! Yup that is me above in action at the USA track trials...I am running down the runway. Whoever this photographer was (who took the pic)...he is amazing. I randomly found this pic of me surfing the net.
Ray and I went to see Hell Boy II at the Dollar Cinema (Actually $1.99) today. Let me tell you...that movie is amazing. I am a little partial these days when it comes to shelling out 10 bucks per person on a movie that might possibly suck so we waited until it went to the dollar cinema. I would have definately been pleased with spending the full price to see Hell Boy II though. It had action, romance, thrills...everything. If you have seen the movie you know there is going to be a par III if not...I just gave it away (oops). Yeah!!! My favorite character was the Prince. Talk about action and martial arts. Homeboy could kick some a__. :) AHHH I should be getting ready for work right now, but the thought of starting a long week at work is not thrilling...I think I will procrastonate for a while longer. Oh yeah I almost forgot....I had some free time today so I crafted a bit and made a bunch of new necklaces for Etsy. Check out my shop soon for some cool stuff.


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