Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Mall is the Devil

Why do I always seem to find something to buy in the freaking mall. We went there after work to just "browse" who the heck was I kidding. I knew from the moment I walked into the entrance of Macy's and saw the huge "SALE" sign that it was hooked lined and a sinker!!! I scored some shirts, perfume, sweater, and a jacket. Trust me...it all was great buys. No single item cost me more than 10 buks. Don't you just love how the stores lure you in with 75% of sales and it just happens that everything is in your size....and for me that is a miracle. I am not built like the "average," (what ever "average" is suppose to mean) girl. I have long arms, broad sholders very long legs and a relatively short torso, small waist, a butt, thighs, and no hips. Yup so you can see when it comes to finding something in my size that fits well and is on sale...I am all in! I am not one of those people who goes out and splurges on expensive clothes. JUST BECAUSE PEOPLE WEAR EXPENSIVE DESIGNER CLOTHES DOES NOT MEAN THEY LOOK GOOD IN THEM! Haahahahahahahaha.

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