Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oregon Ducks!!!

USA Track & Field Nationals, Oregon Ducks, Loads of Coffee & Adventures in the park

(Eugene, Oregon....Home of Track town USA)

I have been away for the past week competing at the USA Track and Field Nationals. All went well...I didn't do as good as I would have liked to...hence I am not on my way to Berlin gearing up to compete for the US at the World Championships. Nonetheless, I am glad to be home but the trip was an overall good one. We took loads of pics!

(I am still obsessed with photographing animals....National Geographic hasn't called yet, but I am hopeful the phone will ring one of these days! LOL... Eugene, OR is full of all sorts of ducks, birds, etc...they are so cute...and friendly)

(DUTCH Bros. Coffee, some of the yummiest coffee around! It is so amazing to me that there are all these little coffee shops in the middle of parking lots and open spaces with little drive up windows ready for you to place an order. Just a word of advice, don 't be a newbie like me and walk up to the drive-up window to place and order...chances are you might get hit by a car like I almost did. LOL)

(Organic Espresso coffee hut....this was a walk up or drive up one too...Yummy! They had cookies the size of your head...)

(Here I am feeding the geese. They were friendly and scary at the same time. They loved the chocolate caramel power bar I had...hopefully it wasn't too bad for them)

(Here I am walking up one of the Oregon Trails at a stuff)

(Me in my competition uniform after competing)
(I loved this huge art so I just had to mimic it)
(Being silly)
(The park where we ventured off to near the University of Oregon)
(Jumping for joy)

(The Track and stands)
(It was a bonus that there was a craft fair there. I didn't get to walk around that much because it isn'the brightest idea to walk around too much while you are trying to peek form competition...My coach did let me walk around for a good minute to take a couple of photos)
(Coach Ray/ the honey bunn)
(Me on the park bridge)(Goodbye to 2009 USA Nationals in Eugene, Oregon. Until 2011....)
Hope you enjoyed!
I had a blast!
Peace, stay Crafty

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